Thursday, 16 March 2017

mEdge 3.x : Simpler, Faster, Smarter Field Assistant

Getting information and staying organised should consume as little time and effort as possible. That’s why we focussed on making a faster, simpler and smarter mEdge in its 3rd avatar. It is our mission to transform field operations with seamless connectivity to provide real-time information. In keeping with that, we announce general availability of mEdge 3.0. 
This version is the forerunner for mEdge's transformation from a data collection app to a smart assistant that makes field jobs simpler, faster, smarter.

What to expect from mEdge 3.x?

The idea is to create the ultimate companion app for anyone on the field. Be it a repairman, sales executive or a delivery guy. We are striving for a faster, easier and smarter experience with mEdge 3.x future versions.

    • With the introduction of swipe navigation, quick update and fire & forget we are expecting upto 40% increase in efficiencies on the field
    • Tremendous increase in the speed of update with the ability to review information being captured
    • Visual refresh with a easier layout and predefined coloring can increase usage among less tech-savvy field users
    • Increased coordination with users getting up-to-date information

Swipe Navigation : In keeping with the faster, simpler theme for mEdge 3.x we are introducing swipe navigations for user interactions. We’ve simplified the single most prominent activity of navigating through the forms during updates with this feature. Our user tends to collect anywhere between 6 to 60 data points during a field visit, so we have made it incredibly easy for them to review data gathered. Users will be able to :
  • Swipe right to go to the next form and right to go back to the previous form
  • Quickly and easily review details entered during task completion
  • Haptic feedback (vibrate) if there is a validation error; for example if a mandatory field is missing an input.
  • Conditional navigation based on user input
  • The details screen can be skipped if it is redundant or repetitive
  • Enhanced mEdge performance due to improvements in the navigation architecture

A splash of color!

Sometimes plain black text isn't enough. That’s why our design and engineering team worked from the ground up to create an interface that provides information at a glance; without having to read the finer details unless absolutely necessary. The refreshed UI is at its best so far with these notable updates :

  • Task type by colors : We had icons to represent task type(modules) in earlier versions, with 3.x we are introducing predefined colors for each task type making it easier to differentiate a Preventive Maintenance task from a service request or a sales call.
  • State Colors : Decoding the status of a task is much easier with the color coding we have used in mEdge 3.x. We have improved the layout of the the cards to provide relevant information quickly and at a glance.
  • Sub-Items in Color : Transactions with sub-items can be configured with separate colors to distinguish in the list of items available.
  • Task List UI transformed : We’ve given you added flexibility to choose the sorting of your tasklist by due time or by most recently updated. User has higher control over tracking the most recent updates with this update.
  • Data collection form interface- We have created a new widget look and feel in data collection forms. This paired with the swipe navigation allows intuitive, easy and faster updates.      
With these features we expect users to have better trackability, easier navigation and improve overall ease of use during day-day field operations.

Changing gears in the fast lane

Efficiency pressures are constantly on the rise with field services. Keeping this in mind, a quick tap and a swipe is all we are asking users to do from now on! With mEdge 3.x we are introducing :

  • Quick Update : A left/right swipe will update tasks directly from the tasklist or navigate to the relevant state update screen. This essentially allows users to skip assignment details reducing number of clicks required for an update. What’s more is it comes with a quick undo option!   

  • Fire & Forget :  This is an optional background service to handle intelligent retry and error handling based on connectivity. Cases where large data collection is involved allows users to update a task and move on to the next task without having to wait for confirmation from CRM/ERP. This, in conjunction with quick update is expected to break all barriers to working in a low connectivity area or when offline.   

Offline Table Views : Say bye to lengthy loading times on master data views! We have a brand new system to present tabular data stored offline so that you no longer have to be stranded without that warranty information or the stock on hand.
  • Configurable as table view, form view or retain as a web view
  • Bring any type of tabular data to the field executives fingertips
  • Search feature to look for specific information

We are working on adding FE centric dashboards and data filters to these views in future releases.

We think that once you have set your eyes on the new mEdge 3.x you’ll agree that it is the future of field service. Write to us today at to see for yourself just how fast, easy and smart your field team can be.