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Vitamap at #PNgrowth and #Startup India

#PNgrowth 2016, was handcrafted by iSPIRT foundation and  academia professionals of  Stanford and Duke school of businesses for Indian Start-ups . Hosted at the famed Infosys Mysore campus, the 3 day-entrepreneurial retreat was a perfect beginning to set the mood for 2016. Read this blog to get a blow-by-blow of the sessions and takeaways from each of the speakers.     The much anticipated #startup India initiative launched on Jan 16th has gained much attention from the startup world. The even saw nation wide participation from business leaders, industry enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from across the country. Notable entrepneurs from India and outside commended the initiative including - Kunal Bhel, Bhavish Agarwal, Naveen Tiwari, Travis Kalanick and Masayoshi San.  Read it as-it-happened and thoughts of a visionary from the industry. Startup India Summarised in 3 minutes - Watch the video here

What’s New? Jan 2016

It's been a busy very busy start to 2016 as we have started adding excited new feature set to our product. Here is a low down on what we have been upto - Full Offline Support Now mEdge support full suite of offline capabilities, starting from access task data, master look up information, customer data and critically ensuring that job can be completed offline and updated automatically and intelligently.  Its specially build keeping in mind the flaky connections and the need for integration with enterprise backend systems. If your field executives show up to a jobsite in a remote location without a connection, how will they be able to perform with the quality and consistency your customers have come to expect? Because we know your teams work offline, we understand how important it is to make sure your software does too. With the challenges of networks in some of the emerging countries, offline will go a long way ensuring increased productivity to the field teams

Work Now; Sync Later!

In the age of the empowered customer metrics like worker productivity and SLA compliance may be leading indicators of success, but no longer hold the final keys to success, which have been given to satisfaction. Mobile workers, especially those with critical missions, need to have continuous access to information regardless of their connection to a network. Most platforms have considerable alignment with cloud and mobile technology and are inherently tied to online connectivity. However, it is also a constraint for industries where a large portion of their assets are dispersed and in remote locations.Additionally, common scenarios like working in a basement, in a hospital or a mobile regulated area, under a cell tower, construction sites can lead to a no network situation. Basically, your mobile teams who travel will encounter situations where they’ll need offline capabilities. With the move to digital, cloud based mobile solutions have no doubt revolutionized the way field s