Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Highlights at Google I/O 2016

Vitamap on #io16

Google I/O, Alphabet’s annual developer conference for 2016 has just concluded. We bring you the highlights of  features - Android N, Google Daydream, Android Wear 2.0, Google Home and Allo and Duo, the stars of the keynote session.  

Vitamap on #io16
Google Assistant - Revamped version of Google Now that can work within other apps, building a Personal Google for each user.
  • Personal AI for users - Contextual suggestions and recommendations based on user behaviour.
  • Conversation with full understanding of context - trying to make the interaction familiar and casual to users

Check out the video demo below :

Vitamap on #io16

Google Home - A central hub for connecting Google Assistant with connected home, smart devices and more. You can ask Google Home anything you want to know, a one pot recipe, book tickets to Jungle Book or even ask for sports scores, a la Google search. This is expected to hit the markets later this fall.

Allo - smart text-messaging and Duo - video
Google Allo is a new phone-number based messaging app. Google Duo is a companion video chat app that allows you to see the person calling you .
  • Smart suggestions for replies using google assistant, similar to inbox app
  • Same encryption as whatsapp, incognito chats, private notifications and expiring chats  
  • Can recognize content of shared photos using the google photos recognition algorithm

Project Ara modular phones
  • Developer edition expected to be released later this year
  • The frame contains the CPU, GPU, antennas, sensors, battery and display.
  • Modules can be swapped out on the fly
  • You can eg have two cameras to shoot photos in 3d. Or instead you can plug in three speakers for greater sound

Android wear 2.0
  • Wearable can directly connect to internet and make calls without phone
  • Handwriting recognition, soft keyboard, dark background for OLED watch displays and a new, redefined circular user interface.
  • watch faces can show data from any app now

Vitamap on #io16
Android N - Google is still trying to figure out what they are naming this sweet treat!  

Vitamap on #io16
  • Multi window mode - Split screen between two apps
  • Drag and drop e.g. images or text from one app to another
  • Direct reply from notifications
  • Better Doze mode - saves more battery
  • Data saver mode APIs
  • Finer grained access to folders on storage
  • If you have a name to suggest, you can head here to put in your suggestion!

Here is a TL;DR version of the highlights

We are excited to explore what these updates hold for Field Service Management in general  and mEdge in particular. Watch this space for more on that, meanwhile do let us know what you think of Google I/O 2016 in comments below.

Customer Success Story : Quick on-boarding for India’s Growing Telecom Infrastructure Service Provider

mEdge by Vitamap for Telecom infrastructure companies

We recently added  ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified Telecom Infrastructure Service provider based in Bangalore. They provide end-to-end Optical, Wireless, and Telecom services to an impressive set of global telecom equipment suppliers.

As a company they are committed to excellence in customer service, creativity and integrity. They were also keen on being ecologically conscious and in their line of business that means using paperless system to get the job done.  

They were running a complicated system of phone calls and excel sheets that allowed for easy slips in the process. Add to that the complexity of multiple clients and complex compliance processes for each of the clients. We approached them with mEdge and its many possibilities to solve the complexities.

We set up their telecom services team with the readily available Preventive Maintenance and Complaint Management workflow. The transition from the previous process to an app-based process was seamless and the team at the customer organisation were able to see the advantages quite clearly.
Before long, they were suggesting mEdge to be used by other field processes within the organisation. A field based auditing team and teams working on various other clients were shortly onboarded.

Two months down the line, the coordinators are able to :
  • Manage critical breakdowns within agreed SLA’s with greater visibility of the proceedings on field
  • Manage spare requests and ensure timely delivery of required parts
  • Less room for error as manual data entry is eliminated
  • Audit teams are able to accomplish better compliance supported by rich media
  • Achieve the overall objective of running an eco-friendly business

Mohan - a coordinator using our platform says “We have seen many advantages with the implementation of mEdge. Tracking FE’s and updates on level of completion for each job, material details at site is what we find great value in. The app is very useful and has very relevant features for our staff. We are in the process of streamlining internal processes to realize the full value of using the platform for our field activities”

The success of this client depended on how quickly we are able to start showing returns and earn buy-in from users and management alike. We managed to turn it around with the readily available workflows and how quickly we were able to onboard users and have the field teams up and running geared with mEdge.

Do you have similar roadblocks with your field teams? Write to us at sales@vitamap.com to discuss how Vitamap can help you.