Friday, 3 February 2017

What's new in Jan 2017 - A smarter cloudtrac in the New Year !

Field operations, at times feel like a hydra-headed monster with countless tentacles on the field. Field managers and coordinators are your sergeants manning the field while your field workers service the business. Having an effective interface between these two important facets of customer experience is probably key to any initiative run by field service organisations.   

A flexible, easy-to-use system not only creates a well connected team, but, also derives efficiencies and better ROI. According to Aberdeen, only 68% of average users are satisfied with the relevance of analytical capabilities to their job roles.

Keeping this in mind, we have been working to make Cloudtrac a bit more more smarter all of this month. Here is a brief on the changes you will start to see in your Cloudtrac account:

Dashboard 2x General Availability : Actionable data is a cornerstone for success in field service automation. This is a reality with Dashboard 2.x.

Cloudtrac landing page (Dashboard) has been updated with widgets and data is presented in charts and tables. You can now have the most frequently measured and relevant information from Reports and Activities pivot brought out on the Dashboard screen.
In the days to come, we are working on a self service option to customize Dashboard for the account. In the meanwhile, get in touch with us to customize your new Dashboard 2.x!    

Scheduled Remote Master Sync with ERP/CRM made easy: It is imperative that you keep Master data like Stock-in-hand, Site Data, Spares or even Target & Achievement Data in sync.We make it simple by supporting FTP and HTTP connections to ERP/CRMs to sync with all other systems like ERP/CRM. We also provide an email alert to the admin user in case of failure in scheduled uploads.

Field Executive Management simplified: Field Service Executive management is simpler where CT users can disable FE’s without rescheduling tasks.  

mEdge FAQ Manual in Cloudtrac : We heard you! In our previous survey, you told us to add mEdge FAQ to refer while on-boarding users. It is now available in the downloads section of Cloudtrac. This also brings in a capability to bring your internal documents to share with CT users. Get in touch with your account manager to have your documents published.

Data Filters : Data filters in the Dashboard, Activities and Reports interface has been updated to select date ranges or filter for the current month.

Other Improvements : Among smaller changes we have :
  • Refreshed navigation menu for better visibility
  • Extended Dashboard to include  data from Masters & Reports inside the widgets
  • Quicker generation of Call/Job Status Report
  • Include custom headers and data in activity, report and download headers
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

We trust these changes will give more insights to your users and help them to #beFieldSmart

We would love to hear from you on what features you like best or what features you would like to see in future versions.

Do comment below or send in your thoughts to