Friday, 29 April 2016

Customer Success Story - Transition to Paperless Field Operations

Last year we noticed our long standing customer, a large fortune 500 MNC servicing power and cooling systems PAN India, was facing challenges due to handwritten Service Reports. We suggested that they move their operations to a paperless operations. However, they were reluctant to start using it. Some of their issues included:

  • Locating a Field Service Report when a customer complaint was to be reopened.
  • Loss of insight on data that was captured, but never entered into the system
  • A disorganized filing system that was eating up physical space

During the course of the year an ongoing effort of organization wide digitization, intention to innovate and enhance customer engagement they decided to give the e-FSRs a spin in the market.

We were able to customize mEdge to capture all the information, ranging from 30-85 data points, that they originally captured using paper forms. The data gathered was then regularized to reach their CRM through the already functional API integration. The custom CRM processed this data and created PDF’s that are emailed to customers and field technicians. The report contains all details collected by FE at the time of service, customer's signature, service technician's signature and the customers feedback.

Field operations without paper

The transition was smooth and much appreciated at all levels. What’s more is it was a hit with the customers who no longer have to deal with filing physical reports! The field technicians and coordinators welcomed this change as this helped them get their job done quickly and efficiently.

With the growing role of analytics in field operations, organisation is working on utilizing the data that is gathered as a part of the report to better understand their product, predict breakdowns and prepare better for scheduled maintenance with the right stock of spare parts and equipment.

What’s New in April 2016 - e-FSR

Wasted time by technicians, coordinators and managers recording and keying in handwritten notes into back-office systems as well as chasing paperwork across the operation is a very real problem for organisations. Especially if the operations are field based.

Problems of Paper based field operations :
  • Lost revenue due to poor visibility of job status and equipment  leading to reduced utilisation.
  • Wasted time on field when service is delayed due to unavailable or missing paperwork
  • Cost of filing records, locating and retrieving them in case of customer escalations
  • Room for error during manual entry into system or altogether emission of data from entering the system.
  • Loss of data continuity if there is a break in the process on field
  • Failure to utilize intelligence on customer and product from data that is collected on paper.   

We have been working on mitigating these problems for our customers with the e-FSR (Field Service Report) feature.

How it works:

Paperless with mEdge

This can be extended to include Sales receipts, delivery notes, invoice details etc. While there are organisation specific benefits, we can expect these benefits in general across businesses :
  • Increased operational flexibility with quick flow of information when compared to hard copies
  • Transparent operations with common pool of information for employees to access customer information, job history etc.,
  • Less chance of human error with digitized information
  • Insight into customer behavior, product related information and room for innovation
  • Track and monitor breaks/errors in process
  • Stay connected to the customer and gather real-time feedback on a job done well
  • Better engagement with links to customer feedback or even rich media as a part of the report sent to customer
  • Simpler and secure storage of paper reports translating to overall reduction of operational costs
  • A step towards being environment friendly and giving back to society.    
E-receipts makes way for transparent operations and creates a connect with the customer for the organisation. More efficient and motivated field technicians who can spend more time solving the problem rather than chasing paperwork. The fact that the solution is mobile based also helps in enforcing best practices and increase chances for repeat or new business.

The writing is on the wall: Paper is being slowly but surely phased out of our daily lives, and as goes the consumer so will the enterprise.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Vitamap featured in Top 20 most promising Enterprise Mobility Companies - 2016

Vitamap is excited to be featured on the recently published ‘20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Companies - 2016’ by Silicon India.  

Enterprise Mobility

The editorial reads “A renowned panel of industry’s topmost CEOs,Directors and industry analysts including siliconindia’s editorial board dissected the list throughout the year.”

mEdge Award winning product

Adding a feather to our cap “The platform (mEdge) addresses field service use cases across the spectrum, whether it is a service workflow for large organisations, or sophisticated lead management or a simple delivery update in e-Commerce.

Talking of the team at Vitamap “The close knit group of versatile experts at Vitamap leverage cutting edge technologies, be it cloud infrastructure, using NoSQL, latest platforms like Node.js, Machine learning and others.

As devices and networks evolve in efficiency, enterprises are now using mobility to address customer experience to real-time connected workplace and real-time availability of data. This has opened up the market as this infographic predicts.

Even as the race heats up, we are happy to have hit the ground running alongside established players in the market.

We truly appreciate the support of our customers, partners and the team through our journey. We look forward to delighting each one of you in the times to come.

-Prasad Nagalapura