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Coming Soon in mEdge : July 2016

We are constantly working on making mEdge platform faster, easier and more intuitive. We have spent all of June working on features that make the field workers life easier. Here is the lowdown on what you can expect : HTTPS Encryption - Optional upgrade for clients to use HTTPS encryption making your data communication secure. It may be the service data or your customer’s data.  with encryption enabled all your users communication on internet is secure and safe. This is an optional feature, get in touch with your account manager to check how you can upgrade. Reminder for Tasks - Forgotten or missed a task? We got your back! The feature includes :   Ability to show users a reminder based on planned time, location proximity or age of the task Users can snooze at 10 minute intervals upto a maximum of 3 times Configurations to control snooze intervals and override phone ringer settings View details of the task from the reminder notification

Data accuracy with Barcode. Technology for field service done right

An Aberdeen research suggests that more than three-fourths of organisations have a mobility initiative in place. Their primary motive is to have access to tools that solve the customer problems and improve customer experience. A connected view of field teams’ needs and real issues faced by them eludes many organizations.       In recent times, we have had a couple of customers coming back to us to help them work out bottlenecks in their field processes.      Barcode Scanning Early in June 2015, a leading IT product service company adopted mEdge platform. They saw a great deal of streamlining in processes and much needed visibility of their field operations. During the service process, defective spares collected and end-customers are billed using the barcode as a reference. Product part numbers are long and complex but are required for tracking inventory. But entering the barcode manually was a cause of concern considering human errors. Furthermore, these were cost