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[INFOGRAPHIC] unlocking field service excellence

The world of field service is quickly evolving - gone are the days when technicians relied solely on paper-based scheduling. This is no longer relevant or useful - the convergence of technology (especially mobile), customers expectations and consumerization of service has led to new metrics and measurements  of success. Manufacturing, HVAC, Equipment are beginning to see that customers expect the same level of transparency and service as they receive from modern day e-commerce. As you think about mobility and how technology will impact your service future, we would like to share with you some findings from recent studies. The future of mobility in technology must be about customer experience and empowerment of the field team to deliver on service promises. This infographic will help you make a strategically strong choice to unlock your service and revenue potential. Download Infographic

2017: The year when Field Service leapfrogs

In industries like Industrial Air Conditioning Refrigeration/Heating, field service or after sales customer support performance plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction, continuous service contract renewals and hence revenue. According to Aberdeen survey 2016, the Top Pressures facing Service Organizations Are, Competition in Product and Service Improve Service based on Customer Demands Reduced Margins Increased Product complexity Service Workforce Attrition/turnover As the competition and customer pressure increase, it is important to build the right capabilities , One of the key aspects of achieving these capabilities is to invest in the right technology. Field Service mobility is one such low hanging solution which addresses  some of the top pressure areas and build the right capabilities. The solution should should help the technician to Close the Call the First Time Create an opportunity out of Service call for an upgrade/Sale Make