Friday, 5 August 2016

Releasing mEdge v2.5.2

Vitamap Team is pleased to announce the release of the next version of mEdge. mEdge v2.5.2 release includes both new features and bug fixes to known issues. The upgrades are a reflection of feedback received from users to help address field issues. As promised here, we have location enforcement, security, user settings control and improved notification are some of the highlights of this release.   

mEdge v2.5.2 runs on a minimum of 8.3 Google Play Service. (mEdge automatically checks for the version and prompts user to update)

  1. .Feature Upgrades :  
  1. One step upgrade : The settings screen has been overhauled to provide one touch mEdge upgrade for future releases.   

  1. Task List Filters : Settings also allows users to set default filter to display Task list with All, Overdue, Today or Future tasks.

  1. Images in Assignments : v2.5.2 supports images in assignments to clearly present the issue at hand and support first time fix.   

  1. Screencast_2016-08-05-12-56-17.gifPinch Zoom for Images : Pinch Zoom functionality has been added to all images in mEdge including images sent in assignment, images attached by user and those images saved for offline updates.

  1. HTTPS Encryption : A layer of security for all user data communication with HTTPS encryption.

  1. Screenshot_20160805-125307.png
    Location Policy Enforcement : Increased control over location enforcement for mEdge users. Use one of the three levels of enforcement available
    • mEdge application level - Users will be prompted to turn on location when they access the app
    • Update level - Users can view information but will be prompted to activate location when they want to update a task
    • Image level - Individual images in updates can be made mandatory location tags where the user will not be able to send and update if the location is turned off.

  1. Notification Customization : v2.5.2 comes with the ability to customize notification headers depending on the business workflow.

Bug Fixes & Improvements :
  1. Fixed navigation confirmation dialogue box discards the data even when user selects Cancel.
  2. Fixed Error “could not find route” in calculating route.
  3. Improved scheduled location reporting.
  4. Added robust algorithms to handle call updates while experiencing poor data connectivity.
  5. Improved handling of user input under low memory conditions.
  6. Fixed root cause of master data corruption happening on some devices. Masters will not get corrupted anymore.
  7. Background fixes to improve task creation and configuration sync related issues.  

We would love to hear about what you think of our newest mEdge v2.5.2! Drop a line in the comment below or at