Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Actionable Insights at your fingertips with all new Self Service Dashboard

Dashboard is the first thing to be sighted when you login to cloudtrac. Like a friend it takes you around the system giving you an overview of live events.
Today we are really excited in the release of brand new capabilities providing you with an improved cloudtrac dashboard interface with better insights and accessibility into the field data.

New additions
  • User self service ⇒  Visualize the way you want
  • Role based Dashboard ⇒ Different analytical insights for different needs
  • FE Dashboard in mEdge ⇒ Enable analytical insight on the move
  • Click to view and download underlying data from widgets ⇒  Dive deep to know the exact data causing that deviation
  • New Widgets and many more being added ⇒ Different perspectives to easily arrive at actionable decision

User self service
We have opened up self service interface for all the administrative users to design their own dashboards. For an admin user, We have opened up a list of widgets from where user is allowed to add new widgets to the dashboard, remove any existing widget from it and also rearranging the position of the widgets.

Example Widgets available and their insights

  • Activity data widgets including data specific to type of activity, status, age and executive specific to name a few.
  • Location details widgets like Executive locations, Distance travelled by the executives,..
  • mEdge and Phone details in the form of battery status, Mobile OS/handset information,Location Status (ON/OFF/ERROR)
  • Attendance and Executive details widgets with mEdge version and other related data
  • Support for account specific master data widgets.
  • Above widgets are provided using Heatmaps, Donut / Pie charts, Stacked bar charts, Area Charts, Horizontal bar charts and many more to come.

Role based Dashboard
New addition to the filters, role based dashboards. This is to provide a better insight into the data by enabling the users with widgets specific to a Field Executive or Hub/Region or Admin.

FE Dashboard in mEdge

Taking advantage of the existing field data and engaging the employees by giving them access to view and analyze the same with the help of user friendly widgets. This will open up a platform for sharing employee performance metrics and other details of the field.  
We are trying to help our customers by providing a Field Executive specific dashboard that can be configured in mEdge.
Below is the sneak peak into the same. What are you waiting for ? Speak to your account manager for the upgrade.

Click to view and download underlying data

Widgets have been boosted with new feature that allows the user to click on the table cell or chart. This takes them to a table with the complete data and also allows them to sort, search and download the pivoted information as a csv file for further analysis.

We trust our users will be benefited by the new insight being provided and derive more value. For more information reach out to your account managers or write to