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3 Pillars of Effective Field Sales #sellsmart

'To sell more, you need to create more opportunities to sell’ The adage has stood the test of time. In this age of information a sales app is a great place to start for field sales teams. Be it better coordination, up-to-date information or simply increasing revenue; timeliness, visibility and accuracy are the three pillars that are the key to sales effectiveness. RIGHT PRODUCT An effective mobile tool helps save precious time for salespeople. They can spend more time understanding customer needs and building a better rapport,closing larger deals and quickly at that! The right mobile app will : Reduce travel times with access to GPS navigation and suggested route plans Digitize stock checks eliminating erroneous data entry processes Process new orders without any lag in placing and processing orders   Provide information for cross-sell opportunities based on visit conversations    DONE RIGHT Real-time access to field data provides perspecti