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Leveraging Analytics in Field Service

With mobility coming into the forefront of field services, the volume of data available has increased manifold. But this does not necessarily resulted in an increase in insight for many companies. While business intelligence is important for specialists, it is also imperative that co-ordinators and field service managers have access to relevant and real-time data to make informed decisions. This not only allows an informed decision making on a day-to-day basis, but, also largely affects the effective utilization of resources and meet emerging demands. According to Aberdeen , only 68% of average users are satisfied with the relevance of analytical capabilities to their job roles. Self-serving Business Intelligence Self-serving business intelligence tools that present visually relevant stories are the need of the hour. Gartner has predicted that by 2017, most users will have access to self-service tools for preparing data for analysis.    Relevant & Accessible The v

What's New in Feb 2016 - Dynamic Pivot Reports

In the ongoing effort to bring you a well rounded field service platform, we have extended to provide auto offline sync and added dynamic pivot reports to our kitty of offerings. As a field service platform, we generate loads of data about equipment, billing, distance travelled etc. To convert this into intelligible measures such as first time fix, efficiency and resource utilization rate we need powerful analytics. Keeping in line with this, we have added a new! analytical interface on the existing Reports and Activities on Cloudtrac :   Dynamic Pivot Reports Interface: All reports now have a view and Analyze interface View interface* supports column hide/show, sort,simple search and export (XLS & CSV) Analysis interface supports pivot insight of the data shown Drag and drop the columns and analyze data View as tables, bar charts, line chart, heat map etc Filter on the data and dig deeper Simple TSV dump of the analyzed data Dynamic