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Realtime Back-end Integration ensures Field Mobility Success

A recent Aberdeen survey reported that 61% of the respondents indicated Real time data integration between mobile devices and back-end systems as a critical success factor in organizations considered as Leaders. This didn't come as great surprise to us as enabling and making integration simple is at the core of our Field Service Mobility Offering. The Goal of integration is manifold, ensuring real time data to Field users, up to date insight for the managers, identifying/predicting dissatisfied customers and preventive actions. It empowers field executives to take right decisions ranging from identifying inventory availability to order shipping status to complaint progress and in the process taking customer engagement to the next level. For best results, a combination of real time push, batch updates and real time query can be considered for implementation. Interfacing key transaction data (tickets/leads/delivery/orders etc) in real time and preferably exposing slo

What’s New in April 2015

As we enter April, there are a bunch of product updates we are excited to share. First off the shelf is Support for Sales force mobility . mEdge now supports workflows and data to ensure your Sales team gets real time access to customer insights, collect orders, payments and goals on the go. This rounds off our standard offerings for Service and Delivery needs. Thats not all, use our powerful customization option to ensure the workflows & data fits just right to your business process and start mobilizing your field force. Next on the list is support for Webservice APIs . Now integrating your backend systems from SAP to Microsoft Dynamics to custom CRMs is a breeze. These come in addition to the JSON APIs which Cloudtrac already supports. We now have the Smart Task list interface as the user go to screen. Its the one stop place for Field Executives to manage their daily tasks. With an intuitive map interface and super easy task prioritization. Its never