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Keeping your asset data up-to-date with mEdge

Not too long ago, organisation struggled with getting enough data to operate effectively. The goal then was to capture every data point and every interaction across every channel of communication. The best-in-class have been able to implement technology and a culture of collaboration that work together to maximize the value of data from the field to operations in the back-office. As the volume of data grows, so does the complexity. Adding to this,there is a very real problem of data going stale. This gap often affects service effectiveness. To efficiently sift through all of that data and act on the insight in time is a very real challenge for organisations. It is our endeavor to not just capture data from field,but, to also makes this information usable.   The first step towards this, is to capture accurate data and make it available for organisations to use according to their business processes.    Keeping your asset data up-to-date straight from the field

Customer Success Story - Due Diligence and Compliance made easy

We onboarded a warranty management services company recently. The Chennai based company manage PSU maintenance activity and was looking to automate their field based preventive maintenance process.       In a typical set-up, the coordinators were tracking most of the operations with spreadsheets for their multi-city operations. Although they were able to complete most tasks,they had many problems on the field. Coordinators lacked visibility regarding blockages on field and involved several phone calls for intervention and closure. Collating data from the wide-spread operations to submit compliance reports was tedious, time consuming and error prone As all the data was captured in paper, no digitized info for analysis and improvement Customer management issues arising due to complaints not addressed during PM activity    Prolonged payment cycles and penalties due to all the above reasons       To begin with, we set-up a comprehensive checklist on mEdge to a