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Visualizing Location Data

Geolocation technology is at an exciting point in its relatively short history as its services are popping up for consumers and enterprises alike.In the last decade, we have seen great advances in geolocation and digital mapping with the rise of Google Maps, Google Earth, Mapbox and many other services. It is one of those innovations that is making its mark on the enterprise and making companies rethink field service. It is beginning to play a pivotal role in the current Field Service Mobility Systems as it enables real time monitoring and unified perspective of field operations. GPS navigation devices and mobile applications have become ubiquitous, we find them in cars, on tablets and smartphones. Geolocation is natively supported by browsers with the help of Geolocation APIs, allowing applications to detect and track the device's (field worker or even assets) location. The GPS chip inside a smartphone uses satellite data to get accurate position which is then mapped by appli

Location Intelligence In Field Service

The business benefits of geolocation technology are far-reaching and are being leveraged by all types of enterprises – manufacturing, retail sales, services, insurance, transportation, utilities and government. The business uses include: Delivery and asset management Fine-grained management of e-commerce activities Optimal routing Real-time incident management Content customization and delivery   Geo-marketing Fraud detection and prevention using IP location technology Geolocation data can give a competitive advantage and service differentiation for enterprises with a mobile field force. Knowledge about the executives’ location and the place of service execution could result in quicker and efficient resolution.  Using real-time data, location based services are now accelerating the pursuit of service excellence. With the ability to have location information through standard smart phones to provide accurate and timely geo-reference data, tag items of interes