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Customer Success story : Leading wifi hot spot provider deploys mEdge Smart assistant for their field force

A leading wifi hot spot provider partner of a telco adopted mEdge across the country to plan, optimize and improve various field force operations. This includes managing the breakdown services, maintenance services, planning and tracking customer visit to identify new opportunities.

With drag and drop configuration and ability to adapt to the customer business process the solution was deployed to production in matter of days.
The customer's key pain points were in their operations were, Lack of visibility of field operations and delayed access to status informationIn ability to measure accurate Turn Around time to customer issuesLack of visibility of sales operations and new customer engagement on a real time basisChanging field operation process making the system manual and difficult to scaleCustomer evaluated vitamap's mEdge smart assistant and field mobility platform to see it can address their needs.
With Solution's drag and drop customization of workflows, data capture ne…

What's New in June 2017 - Improved Geo-tagging, Drag drop workflow customization, Route optimization

Its been an interesting last few weeks for us as we have been updating our product and putting together an exciting road-map.

Starting with features which have gone live recently
Capture Distance from a Task Address inside mEdge: mEdge now supports a current location interface in updates. You can set where the task is to be performed (location) and when your field executive is updating a form, they will see the distance from which they are updating. Eg you need to do a survey at a particular point for installing a tower or advertisement site (say at the start of MG Road, Bangalore). Task is assigned with a specific address and user while has to take photograph and complete survey form within 300m around this point only

Improved geo-tagging accuracy in the photos you take with mEdge: With photo evidence with geo tagging of field operations being critical, we have improved our algorithm of accuracy improvement and also added additional parameters in exif of the images. This will help you t…