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Success Story : How a Telecom Technology provider is saving thousands of man hours with Vitamap's Field Force Automation for a large installation project

Any telecom project roll-out across a distributed geography in a tight timeline throws up innumerable project management challenges.

>>The delays/slippages mostly happen less due to planning but due to execution tracking, data collection and delay in submission of work completion reports. T
>>This leads to poor customer satisfaction, penalty for project delay and invariably payment collection delays due to lack of reports/data causing working capital issues.

A leading Telecom Technology provider for a large telecom ISP won a project to deploy wireless equipment across 8k+ sites across country. Their earlier experiences in project coordination let them to review their approach to implementation and how they can improve productivity across the board.

They turned to Vitamap to help them automate their whole field activities of Site Survey, Installation & commissioning and Acceptance test management. The activity had to be completed with hundreds of partner technicians across…

What's New : Sep 2018 new mEdge release, security & performance updates, multiple FSR support and many more

It's been a busy past few months for us as we made some rapid progress in adding new customers, solution for solar/renewals segment segment & new product/infrastructure updates.
mEdge updates:
version 3.4.0 released, provides key performance & security improvements, bug fixes and new features.

An improved token based authentication ensuring between mEdge and CT ensuring still further security for your users/dataNew version ships with https only mode by default  Improved location performance for newer Android versionsSupport to download custom pdf reports in mEdgeNew data collection form widgets of checkbox/switch and multi select interfacesExperimental widgets to Test wifi strengths, connectivity test and bandwidth test automation Improved querying options for data stored locally in mEdge for usage in Forms

Cloudtrac updates:
We have worked hard to improve security, mobile usage experience and a host of feature improvements.

Faster loading of the app with better dashboard & …

What's New in April 2018 - Subtask Management, Bulk Messaging with Attachments & a new mEdge Upgrade

Its been a busy few months with lots of new features and an mEdge release. As we strive continue to help our customers get best out of product as well as enable newer possibilities to through our platform. Read below for some of the key updates. If you want to know more details reach out to your account manager.

Launch of My Inbox's rich version : 
Helping Field Executive to keep informed about Latest updates and best practices of Field Activities.Organisations, domains and respective domains information is in hand of Field Executive.Field work catalogs, Sales and Service SOPs and Schematics are get pushed in Field Executive Inbox.The required documents, Files and Photos will be stored and available in My Inbox

Quick Tasks Creation and Allocation from Coordinator : 
Cloudtrac system enabled Interface for coordinator to quickly create Sales, Service and Delivery Tasks.Task assignment can be made global irrespective of restriction on Executive to region.Self Tasks created by mEdge also …

March 2018 Success Story - Transforming CNC Machine Service

CNC Machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. CNC Machines are Large and expensive. A Bangalore headquartered ISO 9001:2015 certified CNC Sales and Service provider was running all his operations manually.
There was lot pain with all the manual spreadsheet, sales and service reports and manually managing different skilled resource allocation at right time and right place.This leads to loss of business opportunities and revenue leakage because of inaccurate billing.
In their search for transformation,mEdge Field Smart Assistant Platformwas the right choice of tool to automate Field Service Operations and Mobile workforce management.Vitamap successfully collaborated with the customer in

Enhancing Customer satisfactionQuicker response and resolution of Service RequestManagement and Tracking of Sales and Service reportsPayment follow-ups and closureField Executive Availability and Claims  managemen…

mEdge might just visit you this billion day sales season - Customer Success story Sep 2017

It's the Big billion sales season again and expect consumers to shop big time on e-commerce portals. As Smartphones are are as always the leading products shipped by ecom companies they need to be ready with a service to back it up to ensure high level of customer satisfaction.

mEdge, the smart assistant for the field teams was just the right choice of tool for a service partner of a leading Ecommerce portal, to prepare for this rush.

mEdge will assist the field service teams across the country to plan, respond and address the service needs of consumers when they purchase Smart Phones this big billion day(and beyond). With its intuitive interface, custom workflow configurations, field executives will be able to respond to customers and ensure fix first time, and hence happy customers.

When our customer approached to on-board their service team for e-commerce segment, our team led from front to design, configure and integrate with their CRM in a matter of weeks. With our drag and drop…

What's New in Sep 2017 new mEdge version, config audit log, reporting engine update & more..

It's been a hectic past few months and there have been a ton of improvements on our Mobile Assistant mEdge and also on our middleware Cloudtrac.

mEdge 3.1 has been rolled out to all users and comes with performance improvements under the hood and impressive new features. Supports the smartPlannr for route optimization and smartDash the intelligent/contextual alerting system.

You can read the full update release update here

Some other notable updates include,

Configurations and Publish History: When managing self service configuration it's extremely handy to get visibility of the and status of configuration with users Cloudtrac now supports Configuration history and with the changes details Current draft and changes done Last published configuration and track configuration sync with mEdge in real time -> Admin can pivot and identify which user is behind configuration and trigger a configuration sync

Dashboard improvements: Easy on eye colors, customization & table widgets The das…

mEdge 3.1 update available; faster & smarter

What is the fastest route to service 10 customers? 20? 30?! We know this is difficult to do in your head. That's why we built Plannr - a route optimiser - right into mEdge. There's one more thing - Dash - smart, context-aware dashboard. Want to get notified & create a visit if you are near a customer location? Dash gives mEdge users the insight they need at their fingertips. Both Plannr & Dash are available in mEdge 3.1. Read on to find out all the improvements in mEdge 3.1. Release Improvements & FixesIt’s our continuous endeavour to make mEdge better & faster. With every release we fix bugs, improve data loading speed & reduce memory consumption.
mEdge now supports updated Google play services v11 and above. This improves speed and performance of the application. If a user’s phone doesn't have latest version of play services (rarely so) user will be prompted to upgrade the services. Once done, mEdge will run smoothly. Improved location accuracy - mEdge h…