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Unveiling the all new mEdge : 2.x

We are glad to announce the latest version of 2.x mEdge - Vitamap’s field mobility platform. We have been working on some great features that will make your field teams performance even more efficient. Updated Look and Feel We have infused 2.x mEdge with simplicity throughout the Androids latest material themed user interface and widgets. Accessing the menu with a slider interface for quick menu access A two-colored theme with roll up multiple quick action buttons All new mEdge logo and launcher icon Improved activity details interface with configurable background image (map or task) Quick Access Menu Improved Activity Details Quick Action Buttons Performance 2.x To ensure real value for users while on the field, 2.x mEdge is packed with performance boosting features. Performance improvements under the hood for speed and battery efficiency Improved algorithms for faster route computation in map view      Improved performance in l

Customer Success Series : Energy Services Management

The energy services management business of a large multinational was troubled by zero visibility of field operations in real-time. On digging deeper, they also found that if their field executives missed a deadline, they had no way of knowing unless a customer raised an issue. Adding to their woes: all field operation transactions were on paper and were not entered in a centralized system for the regional managers to refer. They started to notice a great deal of improvement in other business units within the company. On approaching Vitamap, they were provided with a pilot to iron out the details of mEdge the field mobility platform to address all their issues on field.    Regional Managers reported having higher control and visibility on the field processes with real-time updates coming in through mEdge. They were easily able to access digital service reports, refer back to missed TAT’s and intervene at the right time avoiding customer escalations. mEdge a