Thursday, 13 November 2014

Location Intelligence In Field Service

The business benefits of geolocation technology are far-reaching and are being leveraged by all types of enterprises – manufacturing, retail sales, services, insurance, transportation, utilities and government. The business uses include:
  • Delivery and asset management
  • Fine-grained management of e-commerce activities
  • Optimal routing
  • Real-time incident management
  • Content customization and delivery  
  • Geo-marketing
  • Fraud detection and prevention using IP location technology
Geolocation data can give a competitive advantage and service differentiation for enterprises with a mobile field force. Knowledge about the executives’ location and the place of service execution could result in quicker and efficient resolution.  Using real-time data, location based services are now accelerating the pursuit of service excellence.
With the ability to have location information through standard smart phones to provide accurate and timely geo-reference data, tag items of interest with location metadata, and use location coordinates has become the foundation for an expanding software market for applications that run on mobile platforms.

Field Service - GeoLocation

According to “Asia Pacific location based services market report” by Micromarket monitor, the market for geolocation technology based services within the Asia Pacific region is going to experience a CAGR of 48.2 percent, which predicted a total this year of $1.57 billion in 2014, expected to be $11.25 billion in five years from now. Cloud computing paradigms that allow heterogeneous devices support context-aware computing across a multitude of mobile platforms and varying user locations.

Managing a mobile workforce manually can be arduous and time-consuming with quick changes that affect business. We find a perfect fit for geolocation technology in field workforce management. Enterprise mobile applications such as mEdge provides the basis for enhanced customer experiences and present opportunities for enterprises to merge location with other information into enriched services. Situational awareness can deliver true cost savings in terms of employee efficiency as well as operational costs. Some benefits to the business include :
  • Smarter location based scheduling
  • Increased compliance to schedule , leading to better service
  • Rapid identification of any breaks in the process
  • Accurate information for customer support teams
  • Quicker response rates for high-priority events
  • Better decision making with up-to-date information
  • Improved forecasting abilities
  • Safety for the mobile worker
  • Greater control on fuel costs etc.,
In the smartphone context, location technology enables businesses to be assured that the right employee is present at the right time at the right location for the right job. Modern systems are able to integrate geolocation data in end-to-end processes such as scheduling, routing, locating, geo-fencing and tracking mechanism for customers.
A detailed use case on geolocation technology provided by mEdge is enumerated here.  

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