Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Realtime Back-end Integration ensures Field Mobility Success

A recent Aberdeen survey reported that 61% of the respondents indicated Real time data integration between mobile devices and back-end systems as a critical success factor in organizations considered as Leaders. This didn't come as great surprise to us as enabling and making integration simple is at the core of our Field Service Mobility Offering.

The Goal of integration is manifold, ensuring real time data to Field users, up to date insight for the managers, identifying/predicting dissatisfied customers and preventive actions. It empowers field executives to take right decisions ranging from identifying inventory availability to order shipping status to complaint progress and in the process taking customer engagement to the next level.

For best results, a combination of real time push, batch updates and real time query can be considered for implementation. Interfacing key transaction data (tickets/leads/delivery/orders etc) in real time and preferably exposing slow changing data through bulk updates or query to BI systems (Goals/Dashboards/Stock at hand etc) are some of the best practices.

Vitamap-api-v2.pngAt Vitamap we strive to make integration incredibly simple for our customers as they adopt mEdge, the cutting edge field service mobility platform. To enable support for standard and custom back-end systems, Cloudtrac middle-ware supports both JSON and Webservice APIs. Integrating can be as simple as enabling the API option, set authentication and start pushing data.
Once pushed, our smart systems takes care of delivery to mEdge, synchronization, error handling and management.

These interfaces can work across CRM platforms like SAP/MS Dynamics/Oracle/Saleforce/E-commerce platforms etc. As the API interfaces are open one can develop them in .NET/JAVA/PHP/ etc. Thus ensuring enterprises can enjoy the benefits of mobile in real quick time and ensure data visibility across platforms.

Look out for this space as we continue to update our API interfaces with additional auth options, sdks, multi data source, api analytics etc

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