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3 Pillars of Effective Field Sales #sellsmart

'To sell more, you need to create more opportunities to sell’

The adage has stood the test of time. In this age of information a sales app is a great place to start for field sales teams. Be it better coordination, up-to-date information or simply increasing revenue; timeliness, visibility and accuracy are the three pillars that are the key to sales effectiveness.

Choosing the right product mEdgeRIGHT PRODUCT

An effective mobile tool helps save precious time for salespeople. They can spend more time understanding customer needs and building a better rapport,closing larger deals and quickly at that!

The right mobile app will :
  • Reduce travel times with access to GPS navigation and suggested route plans
  • Digitize stock checks eliminating erroneous data entry processes
  • Process new orders without any lag in placing and processing orders  
  • Provide information for cross-sell opportunities based on visit conversations   

Executed correctly with mEdgeDONE RIGHT

Real-time access to field data provides perspective to field managers and build processes that are steady, extendable and unbreakable.

A good mobile solution will reinforce :
  • Support and guidance to field sales teams in running effective sales meetings
  • Direct access to near real-time feedback from customers. The next best thing to live-streaming every sales meeting
  • Build hard hitting sales strategies to counter competition and grow customer base

Field Sales managed right by Vitamap


Sharing the right information with customers can be pivotal in clinching those record breaking deals. The only way for salespeople to have access to accurate and up-to-date information is with a mobility solution.

A fully integrated mobile initiative will enable:
  • Up-to-date product information - sometimes including intelligence on selling points related to dealers/resellers.
  • Collection and product stock planning assistance either through sales rep or remotely with reports.
  • Accurate pricing details and negotiation meters
  • True partnership with ordering advice based on consumer trends and historical performance helping them make an informed purchase    


mEdge - Field companion for your sales team

In field sales processes, the energy on field is often not translated into traceable action due to lack of real-time coordination. Vitamap’s field solution helps you do just that with a field mobility app, mEdge and a cloud-based middleware, Cloudtrac. It delivers functionality right out of the box :
  • Complete flexibility with configurable workflows
  • Online and Offline functionality
  • Accurate reports and dashboards that provide information at a glance
  • Standardized connectors to integrate with CRM/ERP
  • Remote master data management with Dealer/Customer mapping, stock availability, target and achievement data etc.,
  • HTTPS for data security         

Watch a full demo here


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