Monday, 9 January 2017

2017: The year when Field Service leapfrogs

Field Service Challenges - mEdgeIn industries like Industrial Air Conditioning Refrigeration/Heating, field service or after sales customer support performance plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction, continuous service contract renewals and hence revenue.

According to Aberdeen survey 2016, the Top Pressures facing Service Organizations

  • Competition in Product and Service
  • Improve Service based on Customer Demands
  • Reduced Margins
  • Increased Product complexity
  • Service Workforce Attrition/turnover

As the competition and customer pressure increase, it is important to build the right capabilities,

Field Service - Capabilities , mEdge, Cloudtrac

One of the key aspects of achieving these capabilities is to invest in the right technology. Field Service mobility is one such low hanging solution which addresses  some of the top pressure areas and build the right capabilities.

The solution should should help the technician to

  • mEdge-overview.gifClose the Call the First Time
  • Create an opportunity out of Service call for an upgrade/Sale
  • Make the Service technician productive
  • Get accurate service, product and customer information
  • Digitize Service Report and enable quick invoice generation

Vitamap’s Field Mobility platform is packaged with a mobile application mEdge and middleware Cloudtrac. mEdge is the right assistant to your Field Service teams while Cloudtrac is the perfect companion for operation teams at the back office. It is loaded with with standardized industry recognized capabilities referred in Field Mobility 2017: A Look At The Year Ahead

  • Ability to integrate with back-office systems
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to work offline
  • Ability to customize
  • Scalability
A typical solution configuration for Heating/Refrigeration industry would be

  1. Break Fix workflow to complete breakdown tasks
  2. Preventive maintenance workflows to ensure regular activities are tracked and closed
  3. CT-overview-2.gifSite equipment mapped and tracked during PM activity
  4. Complete part details, site details, service history in offline for Service technician productivity
  5. Time tracker status to clearly identify time spent at site

  1. Solution configured to ensure capture of site and damaged equipments with Geo tagged photos
  2. Capture lead at the site for new service, product upgrade or AMC renewals
  3. Dashboard and Reports to get visibility of operations on
    1. Daily and weekly progress summary
    2. Turn Around Time (TAT) calculation
    3. Customer Satisfaction Feedback
    4. Service Technician Performance

Delivered out of cloud, superior workflow capability, quick on-boarding and with a pay per use model ROI can be double quick compared to any other field service solution or an in-house developed solution.

Contact to schedule a demo at your convenience and know how you can leapfrog your field service in 2017

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