Friday, 29 January 2016

Work Now; Sync Later!

In the age of the empowered customer metrics like worker productivity and SLA compliance may be leading indicators of success, but no longer hold the final keys to success, which have been given to satisfaction.

Mobile workers, especially those with critical missions, need to have continuous access to information regardless of their connection to a network. Most platforms have considerable alignment with cloud and mobile technology and are inherently tied to online connectivity. However, it is also a constraint for industries where a large portion of their assets are dispersed and in remote locations.Additionally, common scenarios like working in a basement, in a hospital or a mobile regulated area, under a cell tower, construction sites can lead to a no network situation.

Basically, your mobile teams who travel will encounter situations where they’ll need offline capabilities. With the move to digital, cloud based mobile solutions have no doubt revolutionized the way field service organisations operate, the one consistent issue remains – what if there is no internet signal to connect to?

Service Continuity  
The ability to continuously access vital information in an offline environment and provide similar levels of service that customers have come to expect irrespective of the location of where the service takes place.        

Business as Usual
Power outages, weather emergencies and equipment downtime are what constitutes critical activities in the field service world. Delays due to errors in paperwork and misinformation will prove expensive because customers are depending on services being right in times of need. Offline capable mobile solutions eliminate these risks and have minimum effect on the task at hand.

The impact of even one mobile worker per month at the site with no connectivity could be catastrophic. This means access to less information, slower turnaround, inconsistent documentation, and possibly failure to fix the problem. All these inefficiencies can add up. So you might as well be prepared for it by equipping them with an app that works no matter the environment.

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