Thursday, 30 June 2016

Data accuracy with Barcode. Technology for field service done right

An Aberdeen research suggests that more than three-fourths of organisations have a mobility initiative in place. Their primary motive is to have access to tools that solve the customer problems and improve customer experience. A connected view of field teams’ needs and real issues faced by them eludes many organizations.      

In recent times, we have had a couple of customers coming back to us to help them work out bottlenecks in their field processes.     

Barcode Scanning

Early in June 2015, a leading IT product service company adopted mEdge platform. They saw a great deal of streamlining in processes and much needed visibility of their field operations. During the service process, defective spares collected and end-customers are billed using the barcode as a reference.

Product part numbers are long and complex but are required for tracking inventory. But entering the barcode manually was a cause of concern considering human errors. Furthermore, these were costly errors with:

  • Stretched TATs if the error resulted in a second visit
  • additional documentation to explain human error
  • Repeated telephonic calls between coordinator /engineer and customer to re-verify data collected
  • delay in billing approvals   

When they raised this concern with us, we had a ready solution for them! Barcode scanning in mEdge allows engineer to collect corresponding parts accurately and quickly. More so, the users have the flexibility to scan or enter the barcode manually. Also these additional params got readily integrated with our APIs and to ensure data is shared with the CRM in real time.

Their Head of the Indian Service Delivery organisation says “ Many spare parts we replace are quite expensive. Using the Barcode scanner in mEdge gives accurate information. This has saved FE time and reduced errors in data.”

It was a simple and readily available answer to a very real problem on the field. A direct effect was the accuracy of data now available to the various teams using the barcode data.

A single source of data has profound impact on how different teams within the organization interact and make decisions to benefit the customer, productivity and performance. It is imperative that technology allows relief to the unique situations and business needs to help them achieve these goals.

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