Thursday, 30 June 2016

Coming Soon in mEdge : July 2016

We are constantly working on making mEdge platform faster, easier and more intuitive. We have spent all of June working on features that make the field workers life easier. Here is the lowdown on what you can expect :

  • HTTPS Encryption - Optional upgrade for clients to use HTTPS encryption making your data communication secure. It may be the service data or your customer’s data.  with encryption enabled all your users communication on internet is secure and safe.

This is an optional feature, get in touch with your account manager to check how you can upgrade.

  • Reminder for Tasks - Forgotten or missed a task? We got your back!

The feature includes :  
  • Ability to show users a reminder based on planned time, location proximity or age of the task
  • Users can snooze at 10 minute intervals upto a maximum of 3 times
  • Configurations to control snooze intervals and override phone ringer settings
  • View details of the task from the reminder notification   

  • Location Policy Enforcement - Enforcing location details are now controllable at three different levels.
  • mEdge application level - Users will be prompted to turn on location when they access the app
  • Update level - Users can view information but will be prompted to activate location when they want to update a task
  • Image level - Individual images in updates can be made mandatory location tags where the user will not be able to send and update if the location is turned off.    


  • Quick Update -
For tasks such as a delivery - where many tasks or items within a task have to be updated but the complexity is limited. mEdge will allow users to update from the tasklist without having to go into the details.
  • Message Box - Got an important sales meeting coming up or bills need to be filed before end of month? Announce it simultaneously to all mEdge users.
Most coordinators and Managers struggle to communicate with field teams spread far and wide. mEdge message box will help address this starting with relaying important organisation or process related announcements.   
Which one of these are you most looking forward to? Let us know in your comments below.

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