Friday, 29 July 2016

Keeping your asset data up-to-date with mEdge

Not too long ago, organisation struggled with getting enough data to operate effectively. The goal then was to capture every data point and every interaction across every channel of communication. The best-in-class have been able to implement technology and a culture of collaboration that work together to maximize the value of data from the field to operations in the back-office.


As the volume of data grows, so does the complexity. Adding to this,there is a very real problem of data going stale. This gap often affects service effectiveness.

To efficiently sift through all of that data and act on the insight in time is a very real challenge for organisations. It is our endeavor to not just capture data from field,but, to also makes this information usable.
The first step towards this, is to capture accurate data and make it available for organisations to use according to their business processes.   

Keeping your asset data up-to-date straight from the field

There are no fool-proof ways to predict asset revision. Customers might move to a new address, or equipments may get replaced. Keeping track and adjusting field operations is crucial for businesses.    

An early adopter of mEdge noticed that manually uploaded data in their masters could be outdated. Data related to their dealers and corresponding information which may have changed since the time it entered their system originally.

With a large data set, it was impossible to physically verify the location of these dealers and their current information. But, they had at their disposal - a large field force who visited these dealers on an everyday basis.

medge asset revision process

befieldsmart                    mEdge

We configured a simple workflow for the existing users to verify the dealer details during their routine visits. mEdge users can capture photographs and accurate location information during the revision process. A quick lookup of the revisions with the original data helps them clean up their database on a regular basis now. Whats more, field users are able to add new dealers on the go.

Getting the right people to do  the job at the right time and right place is a moving target. Challenge lies with changing customer requirements, evolution in products and equipments and development in workforce capabilities. For this reason, enhanced knowledge and data capabilities are integral to success.

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