Monday, 26 June 2017

What's New in June 2017 - Improved Geo-tagging, Drag drop workflow customization, Route optimization

Mobile workforce managementIts been an interesting last few weeks for us as we have been updating our product and putting together an exciting road-map.

Starting with features which have gone live recently

  • Capture Distance from a Task Address inside mEdge: mEdge now supports a current location interface in updates. You can set where the task is to be performed (location) and when your field executive is updating a form, they will see the distance from which they are updating.
    • Eg you need to do a survey at a particular point for installing a tower or advertisement site (say at the start of MG Road, Bangalore). Task is assigned with a specific address and user while has to take photograph and complete survey form within 300m around this point only

  • Improved geo-tagging accuracy in the photos you take with mEdge: With photo evidence with geo tagging of field operations being critical, we have improved our algorithm of accuracy improvement and also added additional parameters in exif of the images. This will help you to ensure your tasks are done where you intended them to be

  • In built time and date validation based on business data. There are needs where in field operations a particular date/time entry use makes is a combination of business data and current time. Now mEdge allows you to configure this and ensure your data errors are reduced to the minimal
    • Eg When a field user is updating about a bill being collected, he can’t enter a bill value older  than the previous bill date and not later than 20 days from current date. With the validation configuration and the previous bill date in the task assignment, the above can easily be achieved

Whats coming up: There a lot of exciting stuffs we are working hard to push and you would be soon hearing about them. Some of the major ones include

  • Customization at your fingertips -> drag, drop and configure your workflows, forms, customize notifications, mEdge views all on your admin dashboard. This will make managing
  • and evolving your field operation a breeze. A beta preview is already available for some of the users customers. We will be sending out more details soon

  • Route optimization, workforce optimizationPlannr -> Help your Field executives & co-ordinators to plan their day better with our optimization engine working in tandem with mEdge. Ensure you meet your customer time promise, travel with most optimized routes across customers and hence ensure improved customer satisfaction, a reduced travel bill and efficient employee utilization

  • mEdge Mobile workforce , field force managementSmartDash -> Never miss the appointments, targets and ensure your field teams are at their best with SmartDash the intelligent alerting system built right into mEdge. SmartDash will alert your executives if they have pending tasks, near a long visited customer, have forgotten punching their checkout, if they have been inactive for a long time etc. The list you could do with this is new armor in your operation is limitless.

These upgrades would be hitting your accounts in a very short time and we will keep you posted. If you need a demo or more information on the same do write to us at or contact your account manager.

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