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March 2018 Success Story - Transforming CNC Machine Service

Mobile Workforce management for CNC Machine providers
CNC Machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. CNC Machines are Large and expensive. A Bangalore headquartered ISO 9001:2015 certified CNC Sales and Service provider was running all his operations manually.
Vitamap Cloudtrac mEdge CNC Field Service System
There was lot pain with all the manual spreadsheet, sales and service reports and manually managing different skilled resource allocation at right time and right place.This leads to loss of business opportunities and revenue leakage because of inaccurate billing.

In their search for transformation, mEdge Field Smart Assistant Platform was the right choice of tool to automate Field Service Operations
and Mobile workforce management. Vitamap successfully collaborated with the customer in

    Service Request Task Ticket allocation to Field Executive by Customer Support
  • Enhancing Customer satisfaction
  • Quicker response and resolution of Service Request
  • Management and Tracking of Sales and Service reports
  • Payment follow-ups and closure
  • Field Executive Availability and Claims  management

Service Process Transformation :

Vitamap’s customer success team worked with customer’s operation and designed/deployed industry best practices. Customer Support logs
Service Request ticket from Quick Ticket Creator of cloutrac  and assign it to right Field Executive based on the Issue type, Availability
and Location.Based on Senior executive understanding and customer site visit observation, he may resolve issue or may requests for more Junior or
expert executive for the servicing.Customer Support executive will allocate the Subtask or Sub Service Request to junior or expert executives
based on their Availability and Location as shown in Task Assignment Interface of Cloudtrac.
CNC Machine Parts Replace analysis in Field Service
Field executives also have self Service request creation from mEdge, which also help to better connect with Customer and improve the SLA and TATs.
mEdge updates like “Need more executives”, “Need Part” will trigger Automated mails to respective Customer support team, Warehouse team for faster
response.Important and special request like, Material Delivery and Material Procurement will be tracked and managed in Cloudtrac mEdge
Field Smart Assistant Platform.

Transforming Sales & Collection operation :

Prior to adopting mEdge, sales operation was manual leading to opportunity loss and revenue leakage.Post adoption, sales Team is operates by
Self Task Creation ability of mEdge and Centrally by Bulk/Quick Task Creation from Coudtrac. Sales Team meets the new prospects, understand the
market and capture their requirement in mEdge. Also Sales executive does courtesy visit to existing customers, does upselling, gets more and more
Service and Sales opportunity with them.

Account Teams looks into the Outstanding payment tracker and assigns the Payment follow-up and Payment collection task to respective sales and
Service executive  based on the location.
Broadcast multicast uni-cast to workforce

Mobile Workforce Management :

On daily basis Field Executives will update Travel claims and availability of theirs from mEdge. This helps finance Team to do quick analysis of claims and helps faster processing. 

              This also helps HR Team to get updates on executive Time sheet. In order to run the operations its critical for stakeholders to be in sync and share necessary info,be it task related, expenses, organization announcements.

                 It's also common for product catalogs, service SOPs, schematics to get updated.Coordinators use Message Broadcaster to send communications in Bulk or one to one along with document attached, ensuring friction-less knowledge sharing.

                     Overall the analysed information in the Central system Cloudtrac helped the Backed Team to better and faster allocation of resources at right time and right place has improved MTBF and MTTR along with Customer satisfaction. Also it improved Field Service, Sales and Workforce management with Digitally signed activity reports.

CNC Machine Service sales industry director

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