Thursday, 27 August 2015

Customer Success Story Series : Sales mobility for Home appliances leader

In the home appliances business it is imperative to build a great relationship with your dealers on the ground, the ones who sell your product and provide real connect to customers.

In order to accomplish this, brands typically have a foot on street team that visit the dealers spread across the geography on a regular basis. The connect between the foot on street sales team and the dealers is a critical success factor.

This home appliances brand had the typical challenges of any foot on street team,

  • Vitamap
    Need for customer specific data at the site
    • Order status, payments, issues
  • Need to process orders at site
    • Take orders, provide discount information
  • Lack of visibility of field operation and their activities
    • Are the field team following their visit plan?
    • Why are customers not paying on time? Etc.,

These challenges if not mitigated quickly could snowball to affect the market share and business growth.

Our Client identified that and in order to address the challenges and ride the growth wave it was critical to adopt field mobility platform addressing their needs quickly and effectively.

Vitamap’s mEdge platform provided an exact solution and was an excellent fit to the needs of their roadmap.

Along with addressing all the needs mentioned,

  • mEdge was easy and intuitive to onboard and use for the field team
  • Quick and on the fly customization ensured adoption to business process
  • Integration of master data from backend ERP (manual/API) allowed bringing in host of customer data to field teams in real time
  • In built location intelligence enabled accurate daily route information along with customer adherence

Testimonial - Vitamap - mEdge #befieldsmart
With the adoption picking pace, customer is seeing real value through

  • Assured visit compliance to customers
  • Happy customers with insight into the order status and payments
  • Real time order collection on field

A combination of customer's intent to #befieldsmart and Vitamap’s technology and support will create significant and long term value to all the stakeholders across this organization in the years to come. 

- Prasad Nagalapura


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