Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Field force Mobility in 2014; The Way Ahead

Service organizations are constantly looking for ways to make their staff more efficient, provide better service to their customers and improve profitability. Mobility helps service organizations resolve issues faster, enabling them to attend to requests immediately. The domino effect of this prompt response to a customer request has a high impact across the eco-system. Research suggests an effective mobility solution can improve overall productivity by 30-40%, and profitability by 20-25% for the service organization.

A world of opportunity lies in the confluence of field service and mobility. More than ever, businesses are aiming for better visibility and efficient operation of field service force. Gaps in the existing system can be addressed simply by integrating with mobility enabled technology.According to Gartner, by 2018, 70% of mobile workers will use a tablet or a hybrid device with tablet-like characteristics. Aberdeen predicts that 82% of leading service organizations will invest in mobile tools as a key strategy to improve field service performance.

As highlighted in Aberdeen’s report, 75% of end-user services understand that the need for focus on mobility is customer demand for faster service. True value creation happens when a mobile tool is able to provide real-time information to field executives. It will allow field force executives more time to be experts and trusted advisors that customers truly appreciate freeing them from manual and mundane activities like administration, paperwork and data gathering.

A robust mobility application should be able to improve existing business, simple and easy to use and accessible on the most common devices. Easy integration with ERP, warehouse and CRM systems and layered with security passcodes. Not least of all, it should be scalable and able to support entry and exit of users seamlessly.

Field services are associated with machines, products and equipments but at its core, there is a need for companies to provide service to customers. The efficient flow of material and information is what will set a business apart from the rest. Nearly 8 out of 10 (79%)sampled in Aberdeens report have some form of work order management system in place for their field service, but additional technology tools such as Vitamaps mEdge is needed to reach the level of field-service performance of the best-in-class.

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