Tuesday, 26 May 2015

AWS leads race in Gartner Magic Cloud Infrastructure as a Service - 2015

Its that time of the year when Gartner starts to publish  “Magic” Quadrants for various categories (Cloud/BI/Security etc). Although this annual affair comes with its share of criticism, it acts as an interesting insight to keep tab on the cloud world developments.

Best in class - VitamapVitamap is a power user of the Cloud infrastructure. We are keen to understand the trends and insights to keep a tab to bring our customer best in class solutions using IaaS. Once again, AWS is the runaway visionary leader for 2015. Full Report  

From the report on the strengths:

AWS is a thought leader; it is extraordinarily innovative, exceptionally agile, and very responsive to the market. It has the richest array of IaaS features and PaaS-like capabilities. It continues to rapidly expand its service offerings and offer higher-level solutions. Although it is beginning to face more competition from Microsoft and Google, it retains a multi year competitive advantage.

A note on SLA worth mentioning:

In general, monthly compute availability SLAs of 99.95% and higher are the norm, and they are
typically higher than availability SLAs for managed hosting. Service credits for outages in a given
month are typically capped at 100% of the monthly bill. This availability percentage is typically
non-negotiable, as it is based on an engineering estimate of the underlying infrastructure
reliability. Maintenance windows are normally excluded from the SLA

These definitely validates our confidence in AWS. Although, we did look at Google and HP (no longer in contention), AWS seems to be a default choice for many. Like any software there are some cautions:

AWS is spreading its efforts very broadly. Although many new services are highly successful,
services that turn out to be of less interest to customers will not get the same depth of continued
investment as more popular services.

Its worth noting that the coverage includes both traditional IT movement to Cloud and new generation services starting off with the cloud.

All in all, the report acts as key insight for new gen organizations and the trend ahead. We look forward to stronger innovation and improved costing with the kind of competition and market which exists for cloud infrastructure in the years to come.

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