Thursday, 26 November 2015

Keys to Field Operations Success in Telecommunications - Mobility!

Customer satisfaction is the leading measure that determines the success of any service organization. In a recent report by Aberdeen Research, they enumerate the role of mobility in utilities and telecommunication services in solving critical issues.

Power outages, weather emergencies and equipment downtime has serious implications in this industry. Being off the grid is not an excuse anymore. Delays dues to misinformation or errors in paperwork can be catastrophic. mEdge effectively bridges this gap - enabling technicians to update their progress on location.

Focus on capturing relevant information

Aberdeen has reported that three quarters of service organisations already have a mobility initiative and have seen 81% first time fix rate, 74% improvement in worker utilization and 4% annual improvement in mean-time-to repair. The need for mobility in utilities and telecommunications services is most relevant because majority of the assets are scattered across remote locations.

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Utilities companies are leading the pack adopting mobility for service, maintenance and asset management.

Connect Field Teams with right answers

Migrating from paper-based operations increases the speed of right answers to solve problems. mEdge as a tool is invaluable for field teams to shorten the decision making process, spend less time on administrative tasks, open up opportunities to cross-sell (1.8 times higher year-over-year) and improve mean time to repair.

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A combined knowledge based on on triggers or trends, automatic scheduling, routing and service delivery planning makes for an efficient field service team.

Providing the right information to solve problems quickly has a critical impact on customers and sometimes safety. The focus should be not only on to equip field teams with these tools but to adapt to unforeseen events or circumstances.

mEdge is a versatile field service mobility app that allows field teams to stay connected and helps businesses stay focused on service delivery. To understand the real impact read our Customer Success Story here.     

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