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Recap 2015 : The year gone by

In what was called the ‘Year of enterprise mobility’, 2015 has been full of triumphs and victories for Vitamap. We started off with being named as one of the top ‘Enterprise startups  to watch’ in Feb 2015 by CIO Review, a premier magazine for tech leaders.

As the year progressed, we added a slew of new customers with interesting use cases to our growing list. We rolled out mEdge for one of the top retailers in the city helping them iron out operational anomalies in their delivery business in Jan ‘15.

Following our success in retail, we took up the task of making field sales smoother. In May ‘15, mEdge was equipped to support standard sales workflows to collect lead data, manage visits, collecting feedback and provide other pertinent information to field sales force.

Vitamap Brand LaunchmEdge Brand Launch

We had a busy couple of months mid-year - Onboarding a leading aftermarket service provider to ensure smooth transitions from a paper based process and launching a new identity for brand Vitamap and mEdge 2.x.      

By August, we had our first set of customers coming on board to use mEdge for their sales organisation. A large home appliances company based in South India found the perfect fit in mEdge, to process orders, gain visibility of field operations and process orders real-time.   

In an ongoing effort to make integration incredibly simple, we built off the shelf integration capabilities with Microsoft NAV Dynamics in the month of September. Also, our system was equipped to handle both JSON and Web Services.  


October brought in a fresh breath of air with the all new mEdge 2.x, with an updated look and feel and of course, better performance. Geared with newer capabilities, November was full of activities to on-board an energy management services company, quickly followed by solar powered tower management service.

As the countdown to the new year came closer, we were focusing on making life easy for our users with offline media uploads and master management.


We are looking forward to an even busier and more fruitful 2016, with with tons of features like full offline sync, rapid self customization of mEdge, a new planning & optimization engine, new off the shelf CRM integrations, an app platform for your customers and as always, making field guys smarter to help them do their job better. #befieldsmart

We hope to meet you soon around the bend as we sign off from 2015. Wishing one and all a cheerful and joyous 2016. Happy New Year!
- Team Vitamap


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