Thursday, 21 September 2017

What's New in Sep 2017 new mEdge version, config audit log, reporting engine update & more..

It's been a hectic past few months and there have been a ton of improvements on our Mobile Assistant mEdge and also on our middleware Cloudtrac.

mEdge 3.1 has been rolled out to all users and comes with performance improvements under the hood and impressive new features. Supports the smartPlannr for route optimization and smartDash the intelligent/contextual alerting system.
Mobile Workforce with Vitamap

You can read the full update release update here

Some other notable updates include,

Configurations and Publish History:
When managing self service configuration it's extremely handy to get visibility of the and status of configuration with users
  • Cloudtrac now supports Configuration history and with the changes details
  • Current draft and changes done
  • Last published configuration and track configuration sync with mEdge in real time -> Admin can pivot and identify which user is behind configuration and trigger a configuration sync

Dashboard improvements: Easy on eye colors, customization & table widgets
  • The dashboard colors support default material theme and are relatable
  • In addition the colors are customizable on widget basis to provide additional layer of customization
  • Dashboard now supports a bootstrap table widget to visualize tabular information
  • Use them to visualize  in attendance summary, location data, jobs coming etc

API interface got additional options of
  • Upsert -> Update or Add in one command
  • Edit -> Edit the existing Job info -> System intelligently detects change in assignment and acts on it
  • Remove -> Option to remove a Job from the system

Reports Update: Date filter & Custom reporting configuration
  • Reporting system got an upgrade with an ability to bring in data from various transition and data collected options. This allows to create derive insights from the workflow behaviors easily
  • Merge pivoted data with your master to generate insights like like Field Sales visit summary by customer, date and map it with targets

We are working hard and expect some interesting updates to come in the weeks ahead.
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Prasad Nagalapura


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