Friday, 13 April 2018

What's New in April 2018 - Subtask Management, Bulk Messaging with Attachments & a new mEdge Upgrade

Its been a busy few months with lots of new features and an mEdge release. As we strive continue to help our customers get best out of product as well as enable newer possibilities to through our platform. Read below for some of the key updates. If you want to know more details reach out to your account manager.

Launch of My Inbox's rich version : 

  • Helping Field Executive to keep informed about Latest updates and best practices of Field Activities.
  • Organisations, domains and respective domains information is in hand of Field Executive.
  • Field work catalogs, Sales and Service SOPs and Schematics are get pushed in Field Executive Inbox.
  • The required documents, Files and Photos will be stored and available in My Inbox

Quick Tasks Creation and Allocation from Coordinator : 
  • Cloudtrac system enabled Interface for coordinator to quickly create Sales, Service and Delivery Tasks.
  • Task assignment can be made global irrespective of restriction on Executive to region.
  • Self Tasks created by mEdge also easily can be Re-planned and Re-assigned to right executive.
  • Easy recreation of removed or rejected Tasks and right resource identification and allocation is made better.

Universal Search and Communication :
  • Any Activity performed by the executive is universally and quickly searchable in Cloudtrac.
  • Broadcaster of Cloudtrac help the Data Scientist to analyse the activity and inform whole Field Work force or Region-wise workforce or Individual executive in one click.
  • On important and specific update from field, auto alerting to right stakeholder via SMS and E-mails at right time.

Easy management of Coordinator Activity :
  • Cloudtrac system enabled Admin user with quick management of other User with easy Password reset mechanism.
  • The cloudtrac user history report helps to monitor and track the cloudtrac user activity across the organisation.

Distribution of work using Sub Tasks
  • When a Parent Task is big, it can be divided into Sub Tasks and Sub Tasks can be allocated to different field executives.
  • Sub tasks function like independent tasks with all the same fields as a parent task, but are embedded within a parent task.
  • Parent Task and Sub Task holder will get notified each other of  respective Tasks updates.
  • This improves customer satisfaction, faster completion of work and management of work and field workforce.

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