Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Success Story : How a Telecom Technology provider is saving thousands of man hours with Vitamap's Field Force Automation for a large installation project

Any telecom project roll-out across a distributed geography in a tight timeline throws up innumerable project management challenges.

>>The delays/slippages mostly happen less due to planning but due to execution tracking, data collection and delay in submission of work completion reports. T

>>This leads to poor customer satisfaction, penalty for project delay and invariably payment collection delays due to lack of reports/data causing working capital issues.

A leading Telecom Technology provider for a large telecom ISP won a project to deploy wireless equipment across 8k+ sites across country. Their earlier experiences in project coordination let them to review their approach to implementation and how they can improve productivity across the board.

They turned to Vitamap to help them automate their whole field activities of Site Survey, Installation & commissioning and Acceptance test management. The activity had to be completed with hundreds of partner technicians across the country completing tasks in parallel.

Using our cutting edge Field Force Automation platform mEdge, we were able to rapidly configure the entire workflows, data capture requirements and automatically generating digital pdf reports according to their customer compliance. Team ensured that concept to go live was with in a matter of couple of weeks.

The workflow automation involved capturing the whole process of Site Survey with guided data capture mostly location tagged photographs and key data points through simple menus.

Installation & commissioning automation ensured accurate capture of install base information including model, serial number of the multiple routers/switches/power devices, length of cables & accessories used. This ensured install base of every site was created as the installation progressed ensuring a seamless migration to O&M operations in the future.

The acceptance testing workflow involved checking the connectivity and signal strengths which again were automated with mEdge mobile app extended with abilities to test wifi signals, connectivity and upload/download bandwidth.

The whole process in earlier projects involved coordination over phone/email, manual data capture (back of a paper), images in phone, continuous follow up and hand created completion reports using word/other utilities. This process was error prone with inaccurate data, coordination delay and the biggest overhead of manual reports.

With our platforms Report designer, a well drafted pdf template was created which mapped data collected to the visual images and in line with the telecom ISPs manual completion report.  This automation saved a minimum of 2-3 hours of work per report in Data collection,Preparation Validation & coordination/Rework and sharing/Submission to customers.

Whole project is expected to save upwards of tens of thousand hours of manual work through our cutting edge Field Force automation solution in addition to the benefit of ontime completion, reduced penalty overhead, accurate data for partner payment and improved customer satisfaction. Automated business context alerts ensured timely intervention by project team at HO to prevent slippages and provide support to field teams.

With the success of this initiative the Telecom Equipment provider is keen to expand usage of the solution across their various projects in the country.

If you are facing challenges in your large scale installation project or an independent service provider for telecom companies write to us now at sales@vitamap.com and #befieldsmart

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