Thursday, 30 July 2015

Vitamap #befieldsmart

For the past 5 years Vitamap has striven to provide the best field mobility software. We take special pride in having some of the most innovative and cutting-edge technology products in the market.

When we were founded the emphasis was on being effective instantly with an exceptional product. Our role has expanded and deepened to be virtuoso in field mobility and making you - our current and prospective customers champions of your business.

It is essential to stay relevant and welcome opportunities to make progress. In the spirit of renovation, Vitamap has done just that. Today, Vitamap launches our new website and branding.

Vitamap Logo

Vitamap will continue to satisfy all existing expectations of original promise, of making life simpler for field workers, while moving forward to acknowledge the maturity, functionality, and versatility of our products and helping you #befieldsmart.

#befieldsmart Vitamap

This gives us a chance to brief you on where our leadership and you are taking the company. To stay in touch with the many ways in which we can simplify your field-operations, we invite you to visit and see the new face of Vitamap!
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May we take this opportunity to thank you for the continued support. We look forward to making your field operations smarter!   

Team Vitamap

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