Thursday, 26 November 2015

What's New in Nov 2015 - Offline Media & Master Management

We have been listening to our customer & user feedback and there are some exciting new features and upgrades have been released in Nov 2015.

Offline Sync for media in mEdge:
It's a critical need to capture various types of media as part of any service/sales/delivery workflows, and with a low bandwidth network, completing workflows are always a challenge. To address this; mEdge 2.x now supports background media upload enabled by default. Now capture any number of pictures/audio etc and update, workflow transactions and API updates happen in real-time and media gets uploaded in back end as the user moves around. Failures are easily seen by the user and can be retried.
New compression mechanism ensures optimized media for fast upload and bandwidth efficiency.

Powerful Master Management

Now create any kind of masters easily and have it uploaded in Cloudtrac to use in mEdge or in assignments. Our intelligent master sync management ensures all the master data is available offline for quick and fast access of data while on the go.

Masters can be used for various purposes in mEdge or in workflows

  • To collect fault reasons/root causes in services
  • Sales visit reasons, product codes while creating orders, Dealer details & codes etc
  • Reason for delivery rejection
  • Equipment in a site, product installed in customer place etc

Create master data for tasks to map data easily during task management.
For example, you can create equipments against sites or customers and when a preventive maintenance task is created configure to map the equipments against the site or customers. This allows the FE to update status of each equipments while closing the tasks.

Users can download/view and update masters any time and if required synchronize with data

Reach out to to know more and see how these features can benefit your day to day operations.

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