Wednesday, 7 September 2016

What’s New in August 2016 - The dashing new Dashboard 2.x!

Every modern business benefits from business intelligence - and almost every level within the organisation is receiving,processing and deducing information as a part of their job. Keeping this in mind we have built a brand new Operational Dashboard to understand your field operations using CloudTrac.

Dashboard for Field Services by Vitamap

  • The dashboard is presented in clear, colorful graphic interfaces that help you easily understand and evaluate complex data.
  • This is an extensible and customizable dashboard which derives grouped and pivoted insights from the various data sources created from the operations. These data sources can be task status/completion data, executive location, custom master data or an analytical data.
  • With Dashboard 2.x you can get a quick insight into the level of completion of tasks for different parameters - based on time period or split by Hubs depending on the cycle time of processes or the user looking at the Dashboard
  • Apart from operational data, we can also present Master Data such as a trend chart for monthly sales achieved, or the stock level at warehouses  etc.,
  • This dashboard can be customized based on key performance indicators to drill through current information, and identify potential operational issues as they happen and opportunity for process improvements overtime.   

Get in touch with your account managers to enable Dashboard 2.x for your account.

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