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Customer Success : Making inroads with telecom equipment maintenance

We have been working closely with a large multinational that supplies telecom equipment to a large PSU telecom operator in India. With the ongoing #digitalindia efforts, mEdge has become the first external mobile based application to replace the paper based maintenance operations at the PSU.

The quarterly preventive maintenance for Broadband network gateway and Connecting devices to Tier 1 switch and Tier 2 switches deployed across the nation.

Current Process : Engineers visit sites,complete the periodical maintenance as per the agreed format. They complete the test procedure as per the document and obtain respective site in-charge sign and seal and forward the document (hard copy by post and scanned copy by email) to the respective circle offices for approval and process for payment.   

The current process is :
  • Paper-based and Data entry is manual leading to human error and expensive reconciliation process
  • Long data is not available for analysis and planning
  • No effective way to monitor progress in real-time for the management team

Going Forward :  To address the above issues, mEdge was proposed to the PSU and one of their leading vendors is all set to deploy mEdge for their field resources. Among other things, mEdge has the advantage of providing location intelligence and authentication of date and time when the activity was completed.

A digital signature proof and reports in PDF format allow for all service managers and site in-charge on the same page in case of discrepancy.

Field Mobility Operations

Our challenge was to ensure smooth transition to service engineers as well as site in-charge and management teams without breaking an already running process.

Engineers will perform the PM in the presence of site in-charge, fills the details in the hard copy. Once the site in-charge has verified the job, engineer enters recorded information on mEdge and obtains the signature in the hard copy and smart phone. The workflow also includes a scan of the hard copy that is included in the pdf report that is generated as part of the update.

In the future, we intend to phase out the physical forms and start to take the observations directly on mEdge and digital signature of the site in-charge. To complete the activity, site in-charge is sent an OTP to authenticate the completion, without which the activity will not be marked as completed.

Additionally, the PSU circle in-charge will have access to Cloudtrac at Circle level to look at completed data and download/analyze performance from quarter to quarter.

We hope to infuse a new level of ease in their ways of working while keeping up with all compliance requirements from all their vendors. If you would like to solve a similar field related problem with mEdge, get in touch with us right away on


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