Wednesday, 20 September 2017

mEdge 3.1 update available; faster & smarter

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What is the fastest route to service 10 customers? 20? 30?! We know this is difficult to do in your head. That's why we built Plannr - a route optimiser - right into mEdge. There's one more thing - Dash - smart, context-aware dashboard. Want to get notified & create a visit if you are near a customer location? Dash gives mEdge users the insight they need at their fingertips. Both Plannr & Dash are available in mEdge 3.1. Read on to find out all the improvements in mEdge 3.1.

Release Improvements & Fixes

It’s our continuous endeavour to make mEdge better & faster. With every release we fix bugs, improve data loading speed & reduce memory consumption.

  • mEdge now supports updated Google play services v11 and above. This improves speed and performance of the application. If a user’s phone doesn't have latest version of play services (rarely so) user will be prompted to upgrade the services. Once done, mEdge will run smoothly.
  • Improved location accuracy - mEdge has upgraded to latest version of google play services which offers better accuracy for locations based on cell tower and wifi networks. This will improve quality of captured location data.
  • Reduced app size by 20% - mEdge takes less space on phone and users will get this & subsequent upgrades faster.
  • Stricter mEdge upgrade enforcement - Improved blocking mechanism enabled to ensure, users are forced to upgrade from any access of mEdge. mEdge will block usage as soon as an upgrade is pushed. Users will only be able to use mEdge once they upgrade to the latest version. Note that this feature is optional and used as last resort to upgrade.
  • Current location widget also supports capturing accuracy. You can decide the quality of location data dynamically based on whether the accuracy meets a certain threshold or not.
  • Improvements in task list - Faster loading of tasks & task type icons in map.
  • History & Dashboard screens - Fixed refresh issue on phone screen turn off. Pages are loaded only on page open.
  • mEdge build process improvement - We catch bugs earlier thus improving app quality and reducing need for hotfixes.
  • Experimental scripting engine in forms for better validation and data transformation - run javascript on user data to transform it before call update.

route optimisation using plannr - VitamapWe have added two new features - Plannr & Smart Dash. They make mEdge a smart assistant by providing clever planning optimisation & intelligent, actionable suggestions.


Plannr finds the optimal route for today's tasks thus reducing travel time & distance for user, meets customer schedule requirements and cuts down operating costs for organisation.

Plannr calculates the optimal route & sequence by solving it as Travelling Salesman or Vehicle Routing problem.

Smart dash

An intelligent and intuitive  interface which brings contextual notifications to users and assists in taking actions. This can be utilized to perform various actions to ensure mEdge users are more productive, get more stuff done in same time, ensure meet customer timelines and schedules. (1).gifDash messages can be triggered at a certain time or near a given location.
E.g. everyday at 9 AM user can reminded to mark attendance if he has not done so
Or triggered by location, e.g. if user is within the vicinity of a customer they can be reminded to create a visit with the customer:

How to upgrade:
  • Customer accounts will get auto updated in the coming days
  • Yours will get notification on upgrade -> Click and upgrade on the notification panel
  • Also Settings->Upgrade->follow the instructions
  • Note: If you would like to opt out of the upgrade for now, please inform customer support

Contact your account manager to know more and how you can enable smartPlannr & smartDash in your accounts and #befieldsmart

- Deepankar
Product Engineering

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