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Typical use case in Field Service for using Location Intelligence

Why should location information be part of your business process? The answer is simple. Knowing where your field workers are is only half of the story. You need to combine real-time location information with your systems to run like the ultimate service organisation.
Managing a mobile workforce can present some complications. Keeping track of your mobile worker is very important for the safety, security and operational abilities of your business. Thanks to the maturity of location-based technologies such as Smart phones, it is now a seamless activity.
Modern systems such as mEdge along with Cloudtrac are able to provide your business location based information when they are most needed.
In an age where distribution volumes may be fluctuating due to new technologies, it is imperative that you have the right route optimization protocols to adapt to the changing environment. SmartSchedule is able to optimize routes for line of travel to reduce distribution costs and create and adapt to new scenarios. It empowers you with tools to balance routes and minimize non-productive travel time.                                                                        #smartschedule mEdge
Optimized routing builds a best schedule for the day, but knowing a field resources current location will allow for flexible processes.
FE Location with mEdge

Consider this situation, in an e-commerce order delivery, the customer puts in a request to delay delivery after the executive has left the hub. With mEdge, you can easily locate the FE and give the customer up-to-date information about the status of delivery. If he has not attempted delivery, then a reschedule notice is sent to the FE on his mobile in real-time, saving time and cost.
We take it a step further. mEdge allows businesses to send a text message to customers to track the FE.  
      Vitamap Location Tech           

mEdge further optimizes operational visibility by using real-time location of a mobile worker using geofencing and combining this information with Cloudtrac. For processes that do not require a service manager to monitor constantly, you can set up Geofence alerts and route adherence protocols.
For example, an e-commerce business is expecting a consignment of goods from Jodhpur to Mumbai. You can choose an optimal route and set up geofence e-mail/text alerts for when the driver enters and exits the radius of the geofence. A location adherence report is generated that can provide input to shorten transit time and improve response time to unplanned events.
Both business and technology stakeholders will find value and a broad range of uses for the highly accurate and real-time geolocation data available. It will be critical to future success for businesses to integrate geolocation and mobile technologies and services built on providing location visibility. Regardless of how the solution is configured, the technology can enable a host of new tracking capabilities for field service companies. New sources of geographic content provide your business with exciting new capabilities to incorporate dynamic, real-time information into decision making.


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