Tuesday, 4 September 2018

What's New : Sep 2018 new mEdge release, security & performance updates, multiple FSR support and many more

It's been a busy past few months for us as we made some rapid progress in adding new customers, solution for solar/renewals segment segment & new product/infrastructure updates.

mEdge updates:

version 3.4.0 released, provides key performance & security improvements, bug fixes and new features.

  • An improved token based authentication ensuring between mEdge and CT ensuring still further security for your users/data
  • New version ships with https only mode by default 
  • Improved location performance for newer Android versions
  • Support to download custom pdf reports in mEdge
  • New data collection form widgets of checkbox/switch and multi select interfaces
  • Experimental widgets to Test wifi strengths, connectivity test and bandwidth test automation 
  • Improved querying options for data stored locally in mEdge for usage in Forms

Cloudtrac updates:
We have worked hard to improve security, mobile usage experience and a host of feature improvements.

  • Faster loading of the app with better dashboard & widgets experience in both mobile and desktop browsers
  • Pivot support when accessed from mobile browsers
  • Improved Message Inbox experience with support for targeted to individual or multiple mEdge users
  • Configurable Ticket/Job Id generation to ensure they can be user friendly and mapped to their data -> Eg now your ticket ids can consist as combination of Site IDs, PM periods, Equipment Types etc
  • Business validation during Ticket/Job creationCreate rules to ensure duplicate jobs are not created based on time line, job params (like site/location data/IP address/status etc)
  • Token based authentication for mEdge users with configurable refresh interval
  • Support for re-open of a ticket/job from Cloudtrac users with configurable timeline
  • Support for multiple custom FSR/ PDF reports based on workflow status 
  • Now you can generate FSRs for each of your field visits
  • Support for recognizing and excluding spurious location data from reports/maps. Its common for mobile phones to provide spurious locations due to errors from the service provider like google. This affects operation metrix calculations and workforce utilization information. Our algorithms now detect for such spurious issues, do retries to get better location and flag then. 
  • Now you can configure to exclude these locations in maps and reports.
  • Improved creation creation interface in Cloudtrac with support for master select at the top
  • Eg if you intend to create a ticket for a site/customer, configure them to be on top and system reads rest of the data from master to view and create
  • Improved alignment of data in the creation form with support for dropdown options
  • Strong password enforcement, password change schedule and Password reset support for admin users and 
  • Support for configuring multi select, switch, javascript & wifi test widgets from configuration interface
  • Improved pdf report designer interface
  • Improved data sources for reports and widgets 
  • Workflow support for Project Management & Solar/Renewable Energy Sectors (more about this in the coming days !)
  • A brand new automation/bot platform extension to provide custom business validations, notifications, in app dash suggestions and scheduled events (more about this in the coming days !)

Reach-out to your account manager today to know more and how you can make best use of the new improvements.

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